Using Fee Templates

Fee Templates are designed to provide a basic fee structure which can then be customized.

1. Ensure Fee Template is configured

2. Select Fee Template under Fees Estimate

3. Select/de-select applicable fees

4. Click OK to add the selected fees to client file.

5. Any 'Required' fees will be displayed in red whilst there is a $0.00 balance

Placeholder Fees

Placeholder fees don't have a price set at the Template Level, instead they simply indicate an fee type that is required or expected. Placeholder fees tend to be used for services yet to be selected.

Actual Fees

Actual Fees are linked to a specific Price List item and will add that fee to the client with pricing current at selection. Actual fees tend to be universal fees such as Professional Fees, Mortuary Fee, etc.

Package Template

Package Templates allow fees to be grouped together and presented as a single package item. This can be displayed on invoices and reports as a single price package.