Accessing the Bulk Editing Feature

1) Open the Price List under the Activities menu and clicking Price List. Alternatively using the keyboard combination Ctrl + F9

2) Once the Price List screen is open, click the menu drop-down and select Bulk Edit Prices. This will re-load the price list and display the existing prices along with a column for new pricing. 

Changing Prices

You can edit the price and tax inclusive status of any price item simply by clicking in the New Price column and changing the existing amount. Any prices modified will be shown in bold.

Updating Prices

When you click the Update Prices button, the bold prices will be updated (with tax inclusive/exclusive display status as selected) and the price item will change to green to indicate item has been updated.

NB - You cannot change any other price item attribute through this tool, only the price and the tax inclusive status. For bulk changes to other attributes such as Fee Type, Fee Category, use the Actions menu from the normal price list.