System Options

1) To enable GoogleConnect, navigate to the Tools menu, and select Options (may require appropriate permissions).

2) Select Calendar Integration from the menu list.

3) Under Integrate With, select 'Google Calendar' from the drop-down list

4) If blank, type the path to the GoogleConnect.exe application (typically found under <FuneralSoft Program Folder>\AddOns\GoogleConnect)

5) Enter the primary Google account login to be used for synchronizing Appointments. This is usually in the form of an email address. eg:

6) Tick the option to Update Appointments.

Staff Details

If a staff member is allocated to an Appointment and a valid Google account is stored against their profile, GoogleConnect will attempt to insert the appointment to their calendar as well. This is done by adding the Staff Member as a guest to the primary Calendar Event. Changes made automatically by FuneralSoft to the primary calendar event will be automatically reflected on the associated staff calendars.

To additionally synchronize Appointments to allocated staff Google calendars, you need to store their Google login under their staff profile.

1) Open Staff List and double-click on staff name to open Staff Details

2) Under Staff Details page, locate the Calendar Integration section and enter the individual staff members Google login account.

Authorising FuneralSoft on Google Account

For FuneralSoft to automatically make changes to a Google Calendar, permission must be granted on the first run. Upon the first attempted Appointment syncronization, a browser window will open and prompt for authorisation (after sign-in) for FuneralSoft to access your calendar. In order to use GoogleConnect, you must authorize FuneralSoft to access your Calendar. Once authorised, the browser can be closed and integration should proceed smoothly thereafter.