By default, when a Client file is opened, the file will be Locked. This is effectively read-only mode that prevents accidental changes and requires a user to deliberately Unlock the Client file to edit and make changes. 

Unlock Button

The Unlock button will be located in the top-right corner (default) or top-left corner of the Client screen. The label will be green when client is locked and red when client is unlocked. Press the padlock button to changed the lock status.


There is no need to Lock a client after editing as this will happen automatically when you leave the Client file be either returning to the Client List (via the Clients button on the left) or navigating to any other part of the program.

Locking does NOT save changes

Locking and Unlocking a Client File has no impact or relevance to saving data entry changes. Data changes are saved per page when you navigate away from that page. There is also no undo function.