Free-Type Field

Any white fields allow you to type any characters (up to the field limit)

Select From List

If yellow, these fields require a selection from a List. You cannot free-type in yellow fields.

If white, you can either free-type or select from a List.


If configured, these controls will provide a drop-down of available entries. An auto-complete may be restricted to selection from the list or it may allow free-typing.

Pressing the down-arrow when the auto-complete is blank will display all list entries. Matching search results will only be displayed after 2 characters are typed in the auto-complete box.

You can select a list entry by using the down-arrow key to highlight an entry. Pressing Enter will use the select list entry. Using the mouse to select a list entry will use the selected item.

If allowed, an Auto-Complete usually has a X button to the right. This allows you to clear/remove the contents of the Auto-Complete.

If configured, an Add button may be visible on the right. If visible, this button will allow you to add an entry to the list that is linked to this Auto-Complete.

General Lists

Lists such as Marriages, Children or Fees will usually have an 'Add' button and a 'Delete' button at the bottom-left of the grid. To edit the list entry, double-click the row in the grid to display/edit the list entry details.

Pressing F5 will generally refresh the List contents. After editing a List Entry, you may need to refresh the list to reflect the change.

Appointment List

This control lists the appointments related to the specific page you are viewing. You can add, delete and edit Appointments directly from the client page. Changes made here are immediately reflected in Coordination (as changes are saved immediately) Professional and Enterprise editions can also add Staff to an Appointment from the Appointment List control

Fee List

The Fee List box will display any Fees associated with this Page. Fees are associated with a page via the Fee Section selection on Fee Items. Eg. A Fee with the Fee Section of 'Catering' will show up on the Catering Page.