Configuring FuneralSoft

Product Activation

FuneralSoft needs to be activated once the 30-day trial period expires. Activation needs to be completed for each computer on which FuneralSoft is installed.

Configuration Wizard

When you run FuneralSoft for the first time, a configuration wizard will appear allowing you to customize your FuneralSoft installation. It is important to select the correct Region as this will determine what reports are available.

Setup Staff/Users

When you create Staff Members, you can also create a user login profile allowing the staff member to log into FuneralSoft. More advance user management including User Groups and User Permissions can be managed under the Tools menu -> Users & Security. You will need the Administrator password to access this area.

Setup Lists

.You will need to review the common lists used throughout FuneralSoft. These are found under Activities menu -> Maintain Lists (permissions required)

Setup Contacts

Before using FuneralSoft, it is recommended that contacts are added (or imported) into FuneralSoft including Clergy, Doctors, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Cemeteries, Crematoria, Coroners, Newspapers, etc.

Setup Fleet

Enter vehicle details to make them available for coordination and allocation to appointments

Setup Inventory

Adding (or importing) coffin inventory allows selection of coffin/casket when entering arrangement. Link to a Price item and optionally, track quantities

Setup Addons

Consider what Add Ons you would like to activate. Contact Instra Technologies for further assistance in configuring Add Ons