Creating a Fee Template

1) Navigate to the Activities menu -> Maintain Lists.

2) Locate Fee Templates in the left-hand grid. The existing Fee Templates will be displayed as a list on the right.

3) Click the Add button at the bottom of the right-hand list.

4) Enter a Template Name

5) If desired, tick the Packaged Template checkbox

6) Add Price List Fee or Placeholder Fee

Price List Fee

Use this option to select an actual price from the Price List. This will link to that price list and will reflect any changes made on the price list. When the template is selected, that Price Item will be copied from the Price List (with pricing current at time of selection of fee template). Common examples are Professional Fees, Copy of Death Certificate.

Placeholder Fee

Use this option to enter a placeholder which will be fulfilled/replaced at a later stage by an actual fee from the Price List. Placeholders can be used to suggest or enforce fee line items when Fee Template is selected. Placeholders are fulfilled/replaced by matching the Fee Type of both the Placeholder and the Price List Fee. For this reason, configuring the Fee Type in both the Price List and Placeholder items is essential.