Sample Payment. Each element is described below.

Payment By

Enter the person/organisation making the payment. There are three options to assist in inputing/selecting.

  • Family Representative - clicking this option will insert the name and address of the Family Representative
  • Other Person - this option will clear the name and address for manual input
  • Fund - allows the selection of a fund from the funds list. This also marks the payment as a 'Fund Payment' (used to separate fund payments)

If an organisation, but not a fund, select Other Person and enter organisation name in last name box.

Receipt Number

A unique number for this receipt. System Options can be configured to auto-increment this number (default)

If you enter a number greater than the highest number, the system will auto-increment from this new higher number.

Receipt Printed checkbox

Once a payment is saved/printed, this checkbox is automatically ticked to indicate the receipt has already been printed.

Select an Invoice/Linked Invoice

To link this payment to a specific Invoice (and thereby deduct from Invoice total), select the specific Invoice in the list. When an Invoice is selected, the Invoice number and description is displayed under Payment Details.

To de-link from an Invoice, click the X button at the top-right of the Invoice list. This will revert this payment to a floating payment.

Apply Discount/Deduct Fee

The System Options setting will determine which mode your business uses.

Apply Discount (Adds a negative line item)

Will automatically display any discount this payment qualifies for. This is based on the Discount Offer attached to the selected Invoice.

You can override the discount amount.

Click Apply Discount to accept the discount amount. This will add the discount as a negative fee item on the Fees Estimate and Invoice.

Deduct Fee (Removes existing line item)

This mode will detect a specific Fee item (by setting an Item Code under System Options) and offer for you to deduct/delete this fee.

By clicking Deduct Fee, you will delete that specific Fee Item permanently. This will adjust the Fee Estimate total and Invoice Total.

Payment Details

Applied to Invoice

If blank, this is a floating payment.

If linked to a specific invoice, the invoice number and description will be displayed

Payment Date

The date of payment. Default to today's date

Payment Amount

Enter the amount paid.

If a specific invoice is selected, the balance of this invoice will be displayed to the right.

The grey left arrow button will copy the balance of the invoice to the Payment Amount box.

Payment Method/Type

Select the method of payment from the available Payment Types list. There is a System Option to make selection of a Payment Method mandatory.

Payment Types can be configured to trigger a surcharge (eg. Visa/Mastercard). When payment type is selected, percentage surcharge is calculated and added to the Fees Estimate and Invoice as a new line item.

Third-Party Add Ons - Payment Types may also need to be configured with Account Numbers for deposit when transferring.

Payment Description

A descriptor used internally such as the Payments List and the Finance Dashboard.

Apply to Selected Invoice Fees List

If a specific Invoice is selected, the associated Fees are listed. You can link this payment to specific fees. This has no impact on the payment or invoice, but the fee will then be linked to this payment. This section is optional.

You cannot select more fees than the total of the payment.

Fees Estimate Information

The section displays the current total of the Fees Estimate (all fees for this client)

The Balance Due is the overall balance of all fees minus all payments.

The Fees Status describes the current Fees Estimate status

The grey left arrow button will copy the Overall Balance Due amount to the Payment Amount box.

Payment Notes

An area for internal notes. This does not display on receipts.

Payment Processed By

By default, this will be the logged-in staff name.

Print Receipt checkbox

If this box is ticked, the default receipt report will be generated for this receipt.

If this is a new payment, this box will be ticked initially.

Transfer Payment to MYOB/Transfer Invoice to Xero

If the addon is configured, the Transfer pane will be visible with the Transfer... Payment button visible. Pressing this button will instigate the process of transferring the Payment information to the selected third-party accounting software.

If the Transfer... Payment button is replaced with a View...Payment button, this indicates the Invoice has already been transferred to the selected third-party accounting software.

If you need to change the Transfer status, click the Advanced settings button to the right of the notes field. This allows you to revert the transfer status.

For more information on invoice transfers, please see the relevant solution article for specific third-party software.

Delete button

Clicking the Delete button will prompt to permanently delete this Payment. This will NOT delete any linked fees or invoices.

Cancel button

The Cancel button closes the Payment form without saving changes.

OK button

The OK button saves all changes made to this Payment.

Payment Menu

You can access a number of functions from the Menu at the top of the Payment screen.


  • Print Receipt - The default Receipt report will be generated for the selected Payment. This will also create a PDF copy under the client's folder
  • Switch to 'Apply Discount' mode - will display the pane to add a discount item based on Invoice discount offer
  • Switch to 'Deduct Fee' mode - will display the pane to deduct/delete a pre-set fee from the Invoice
  • Delete Payment - Permanently delete this payment.
  • Close - Same function as OK button